The Kingswim Macgregor project saw the demolition of the original Macgregor shopping centre and the construction of a new state of the art 20m pool in Canberra’s north. This involved deep excavation works on the site for an underground plant room. The primary purpose of the pool was to accommodate ‘learn-to-swim’ programs. Therefore facilities aimed at family use and for small children were incorporated into the centre, such as family change rooms, appropriate pool entry points, depths suitable for small children, and easy pram access to the centre.  The Kingswim Macgregor also incorporates male and female amenities, kiosk, reception, office and services areas.


The design of the Kingswim centre features a square modern exterior design. Raw materials are used extensively throughout the project. such as face blockwork, weathered bricks, and concrete floors. This rawness is complimented and highlighted by the selective use of fine and rich materials such as colourful ceramic tiles and bright laminates.


This project was complex in nature due to the large amount of both services works and waterproofing

Kingswim - Reception

Kingswim - External

Kingswim - Pool Deck

Kingswim - Reception