The new headquarters for Southern Plumbing Plus consolidates a range of previously remotely located company operations. The brief includes commercial, industrial and retail space into a single new address in Fyshwick. This resulted in a storage warehouse, plumbing supply trade centre, administration offices, and a large retail showroom.


​Central to this vision for the site was the recognition of the opportunity to demonstrate awareness of environmental issues. The design team investigated, modelled and life cycle costed a range of active systems. Passive design opportunities were identified early in the master planning process. A broad setback to the main entrance has ensured excellent solar access to a principle north-facing elevation. This facade has been articulated with external shading louvres and deep roof eaves.


​The building volumes were developed to encourage cross ventilation, and elevations glazed according to orientation. A range of water saving devices have been included and made into focal building elements. Roof water from all buildings is collected, stored and reticulated for landscaping, cleaning, flushing toilets and repeated reuse in displays. Hot water is generated in roof top solar collectors, and water saving fittings were used throughout the project. Building services such as lighting and air-conditioning have been designed to enable user control, allowing the external environment into the building when desired.


​The clients vision focused on illustrating what he considers the future direction of plumbing supplies. This belief meant the exploration and implementation of energy saving building practises, making the development a unique project in industrial, commercial, retail construction in Fyshwick.


​(This article is an abstract taken from the Australian Institute of Architects website,, to read the full article please click here)

Boral MBA Award - Winner: Commercial Fitout less than $3.0M

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